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BaiRuiOu Transmission ,a manufacturer of variable speed machinery with advanced technology ,is a tower of strength in the field of technique renovation . On design , BaiRuiOu adopts the three-dimensioned modeling and the finite element analysis ,which has shortened the research circle of products and guaranteed the reliability of the quality ,can provide the transmission resolvable projects with special requirements for the customers much better .On production , having established the producing-studying-researching cooperation with a legion of High Schools, BaiRuiOu aims to explore and push the new process technics .At present ,BaiRuiOu has owned more than 300 sets equipment for process and detection ,including a group of world top machinery equipment as REISHAUER. The company always promotes the quality improvement endlessly and pursues the target that the customers are satisfied with. It does upmost to meet or exceed the customers' expectation continually and manufactures the high quality products. In addition, BaiRuiOu locates in TaiZhou, China, a city which is famous for the developed manufacturing.With its fertile material supply chains and modern logistic soil the company has the capacity of offering the high-powered speed reducer at the same price level for the worldwide users.

Each performance of NMRV series the worm-gear reducers, planet cone-disk stepless reducers and the G3 series helical gear reducers has reached the advanced technique index of the congeneric European and Japanese products.BaiRuiOu mainly focus on exporting, and now the products have been sold to more than 40 countries and areas, which are as far as Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Australia. Customers are coming in a continuous stream and the company is also expanding rapidly. Looking forward to the future, BaiRuiOu will insist on the ceaseless innovation and persistent enterprising so as to continually satisfy the worldwide users' high requirements on product performance and join the new world tide of the technique development in the reducer industry aspiringly. BaiRuiOu believe firmly that the final double-win targer will be reached between the users and manufacturer.

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